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Citycoco electric scooter is most popular in the market

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Citycoco electric scooter is most popular in the market

Now electric scooter(citycoco) has been more popular in the world, after the EU has imposed anti-dumping tax on electric bike, electric scooter is the better choice to import to EU countries. So we introduce some information about electric scooter(citycoco).


About motor, usually is 1000w/1200w/1500w/2000w, motor power effects speed, 1000w can ride 30-40km/h, 1200w ride 40-50km/h, 1500w can be 50-55km/h, 2000w is 55-60km/h.

About battery, we have 12ah and 20ah, 12ah can run about 30km, 20ah can run longer distances, about 50-60km. Some double battery electric scooter model can put 2 batteries, one removeable battery is under the seat, the other battery is under the footboard. Double battery model can make single 12ah/20ah battery and double 12ah/20ah battery, the range of double battery will be longer.

About certificate, the most electric scooter models we have CE certificate. We also have other 2 models with EEC certificate, EEC(COC) scooters are legal to drive on the public road in EU and can apply for a license plate. These 2 models EEC electric scooters are double battery model, one is single front fork, the other one is aluminum double front fork(like the picture), motor only can be 1500w, battery can make single 12ah/20ah or double 12ah/20ah. The EEC electric scooter is including 60v 1500w 12ah, full suspension, LCD display, rear mirrors, front/brake lights, front/rear turn lights, passenger pegs.

About shipping, the volume of electric scooter is large, 2 wheel electric scooter is about 0.6CBM, the weight is about 70-75KG, the air express companies can't ship this kind of goods by door to door, so we always ship by sea to port.

About quality, we are professional in producing electric scooters, before ship to Customers, our QC check each model, after that, we have second spot check, make sure customers receive high quality products. I am sure our quality won't let you down.

If you are interested in any aspect, please no hesitate to contact me. Any ideas or questions are welcome.

Contact Person: Isabel

Email: gaea-ebike02@czgaea.com

Cellphone: +8615295032359

Website: www.gaeacycle.com

Facebook: Eileen Li (from changzhou gaea technology co., ltd.)

Wechat: 13915060370

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