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Xiaomi 1:1 folding electric scooter

Views: 653     Author: 林嘉文     Publish Time: 2018-10-19      Origin: 界面新闻

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Xiaomi 1:1 folding electric scooter

In the past year, green travel has become a trend, and shared bicycles have been promoted. This xiaomi electric scooter is also a short-distance travel demand for urban white-collar workers.

Since you want to travel, of course you have to see how fast it can run and how far it can go. According to the product description, the Mijia electric scooter is loaded with 30 LG 18650 power lithium batteries with a battery capacity of 280Wh. Under 75kg load conditions, 25 degrees Celsius and a constant speed of 15km/h, the battery life can reach 30km, and the top speed is Can reach 25km / h.

This kind of endurance ability can basically meet the daily commuting needs of office workers. After all, most people use such small mobility tools within a distance of 5 kilometers.

Specifically, the electric vehicle's power is displayed by the front LED light, so you don't have to worry about sudden power loss. Below the LED display light is the only button of the car. Short press to start, long press to turn off the power, short press the headlights after power on, double click to switch mode; the button near the right thumb is the accelerator button, equivalent to "throttle", operation Very simple.

The charging port of the electric scooter is protected by a waterproof rubber stopper at the lower left of the pedal.

Running is the basic requirement, and the value of the face is more critical. After all, it is better to ride a shared bicycle without running the wind.

Overall, the Xiaomi electric scooter inherits the design style of Mijia. It adopts minimalist solid color design, embellished with orange-red wire buttons, and the frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, which looks quite texture. The net weight of the whole vehicle is only 12.5kg, which is easier to lift.

The pedals of the scooter are designed for the front and rear of the feet. The pedals have a thick anti-slip rubber pad. The anti-slip mat has many raised small particles, and the anti-slip effect is good.

The normal height of the scooter is 114cm, which is moderate for most people; the handlebar width is 43cm, which is slightly narrower than the bicycle. The handlebars are also rubberized to enhance slip resistance.

The scooter is equipped with 8.5-inch front and rear pneumatic tires with wear-resistant anti-skid wheels. Tires of this size run quite smoothly and the bumps are not strong.

The folding structure is designed to be folded at the pole. Just fold the buckle and fold the front frame back. After folding, hook the bell hook to the rear fender to facilitate carrying or storing.

As a means of transportation, safety is definitely the most important. Safety is first manifested in startup. When the scooter starts, you need to step on it a few times. The speed is up to 5km/h. It is useful to press the accelerator button. This design can effectively avoid accidental touch.

Secondly, the Xiaomi electric scooter adopts the double brake design of the front and rear wheels. When the throttle is released or the brake handle is released, the front wheel achieves energy recovery and reverse motor braking, supplemented by the E-ABS anti-lock braking system; the rear wheel uses a mechanical disc brake structure, compared to the common drum Brakes, disc brakes have better heat dissipation performance and brake performance is more effective.

In terms of lighting design, the front of the scooter is integrated with a 1.1W high-brightness illuminator that illuminates the front about 6 meters.

At the same time, there is a red highlighted warning light at the end of the scooter. When the light is turned on in the night, the warning light at the tail will also be turned on at the same time; when the light is not turned on, the warning light can also prompt the rear pedestrian and the vehicle by blinking when the brake handle is pressed.

Through the actual road experience, I feel that this electric scooter is relatively easy to get started, the acceleration is smooth, the turn is very sensitive, and it runs quite cool.

In addition, you can use Bluetooth to connect to the mobile phone app to view the riding speed and remaining power in real time.

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