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How to Charge Citycoco Electric Scooter and Extend Your Battery Life

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How to Charge Citycoco Electric Scooter and Extend Your Battery Life

How to Charge Citycoco

citycoco battery    

Citycoco is an electric scooter that looks a bit like an electric moped, But its unique shape still gives people the feeling of impact. They also call it citycoco chopper, citycoco Harley, Fat Tire Electric Scooter, City Coco scooters. (VIEW MORE)

In these years, citycoco scooters has produced Some popular styles:

Citycoco M1: Chopper style, comfortable cycling experience

Citycoco M2: NEW Design with excellent shock suspension, more powerful motor

Citycoco M8: Harley style design, high speed

Citycoco Sport Series: Retro design, with 2 removable battery to provide long cycling distance

These kinds citycoco are equipped different types of batteries, such as lithium-battery or lead-acid battery. Each battery capacity is different, for example, 60v 12ah/20ah/30ah.Some models can be equipped with two batteries to provide longer battery life.

If you buy these types of Citycoco, which is equipped with a 5A fast charger to make your scooter be fully charged in about 4-6 hours. At the same time, the batteries of these scooters are removable, you can also choose to charge at home.

Warning: If you are using a lithium battery, please avoid charging after the battery is completely exhausted. This is not a good thing for the life of the battery. It is recommended that you can choose to charge when the battery is less than 20%.

In addition, you also need to avoid serious impacts during riding, which will affect battery health.At the same time, avoid riding in bad weather, such as heavy rain and snow.

We Have This Type of Citycoco Scooters in the Eu Warehouse, Support Dropshipping or Self-Pickup. If You Choose to Order Container from China or Europe warehouse, Please Contact Us, We Will Provide You with the Best Quotation.

citycoco electric scooters

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