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Folding electric scooter

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Folding electric scooter

Green travel except bicycles, electric bikes, citycoco, also have folding electric scooters. Compared to others, folding electric scooters are more convenient.

Advantages of folding electric scooter are as follows: 

1. Convenient folding, portable storage is very simple; 

2. Simple and easy to ride, stable driving; 

3. Safe riding, good anti-shock effect; 

4. Sit-stand dual-use, high practicality; 

5. Both front and rear Height adjustment;

We have 3 models folding electric scooter, 

1. xiaomi 1:1 standing folding scooter; 


2. 8 inch tire sit-stand dual-use front suspension folding scooter;


3. 10 inch tire sit-stand dual-use front (rear) suspension folding scooter;


The xiaomi 1:1 folding scooter's configuration options are 36v 250w 6ah/7.5ah/7.8ah. 

The 8inch folding scooter's configuration options are 36v 350w 8.8ah/10.4ah/15ah/18ah. 

The 10inch folding scooter's configuration options are 36v/48v 350w/500w 10.4ah/13ah/15.6ah/18ah/21ah/25ah.

Please kindly check this link to know more details and using of scooter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UbTDL_7vME&t=190s

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