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  • Our Costa Rica customer has opened his own citycoco store

    Our customer from Costa Rica has opened his own citycoco store in Costa Rica Read More

  • [Company News] The package of citycoco electric scooter

    Our citycoco electric scooter package is steel frame+carton, the scooters are protected well. Read More

  • [Company News] Some citycocos to Central Europe

    This month we have some citycoco will export to Central Europe, including Germany and Austria. Read More

  • [Industry News] The rise of the ebike

    I surged up the final hill on my bike commute home. Buoyed by momentum and speed, I imagined myself kitted out, taking the lead in front of a cheering crowd?when out of nowhere, a bike that looked more cruiser than aerodynamic zoomed past as if I were standing still. There went my fantasy. Adding in Read More

  • [Industry News] Can you really get fit on an electric bike?

    It's that time of year when, spurred on by watching the world's top cyclists conquer French mountains, we all fancy heading out on a leisurely cycle. But here's a question that will leave Mamils (middle-aged men in Lycra) choking on their energy gels: can you get fit on a bike with a battery? As the Read More

  • Electric Bike Market Is Still Moving Fast

    In 2023, global sales of e-bikes are forecast to reach approximately 40 million units, according to Statista.com. China is expected to remain the most important market for electric bikes worldwide, as 34.3 million units are predicted to be sold there. That leaves almost six million units for the res Read More

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