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More than 16 years old in the United States can ride an electric bike

Views: 72     Author: China Radio Network     Publish Time: 2019-07-27      Origin: China Radio Network

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More than 16 years old in the United States can ride an electric bike

More than 16 years old in the United States can ride an electric bike 

No need to register on the road

There are clear regulations on electric bicycles in the US states. Li Wei, who studied law in the United States, pointed out that most states in the United States do not need electric bicycles to handle various documents and photographs, but there are special regulations on the age of the drivers.

Li Wei: The US Congress officially passed the federal electric bicycle law in 2001. Except for a few states that use electric bicycles as motor vehicle management, the federal and most states use electric bicycles as general vehicle management. Most states in the United States have passed legislation. The legal status of electric bicycles is stipulated, but they define the rules for electric bicycles that are allowed to go on the road. For the procedures related to electric bicycles, most states stipulate that they do not need to apply for a certificate of title, do not need to register the card, and do not need to pay taxes. Only a relatively small number of states require the card to be issued or the title certificate. As for insurance, only in North Dakota, it is required to purchase insurance. Most of the people who ride electric bicycles are allowed to ride above 16 years old, and some state regulations, such as Arkansas is 10 years old, and Fuzhou is 14 years old, Louisiana is 15 years old. As for the driver's license, there is no need to apply for a driver's license in Washington State or Arkansas. Some states require a special electric bicycle license. However, it also stipulates that if the applicant already has a motorcycle license, there is no need to apply for an electric bicycle license.

In the process of driving electric bicycles, the United States also has fine regulations, such as: can not go on the road, can not go on the sidewalk, must ride on the prescribed roads.

Li Wei: For the passage area of electric bicycles, it is stipulated that electric bicycles can be legally driven on federally-funded urban bicycle roads, but many states stipulate that electric bicycles are not allowed on expressways, interstate highways or restricted roads, toll roads, crosswalks, etc. On the road, electric bicycles are not allowed to occupy the motor vehicle lanes. The relevant rules for electric bicycles are generally prescribed to follow the bicycle regulations. They must travel along both sides of the road. No more than three electric bicycles are allowed to drive side by side. When turning or parking To make gestures, you should avoid pedestrians when crossing the road, and the electric bicycle should not exceed the number of people he limits. Regarding the motorized wheelchair, because it is slow to drive, the law does not specifically regulate it, and basically follows the management of non-motor vehicles as the legal basis.

In the UK, it is difficult to see electric bicycles, but there are many motorized wheelchairs. Hou Ying, a British observer from Global Chinese Broadcasting Network, said: Britain also has special regulations for mobile wheelchairs.

Hou Ying: Electric bicycles are not common on the roads in the UK, but electric bicycles are indeed the means of transportation for many elderly people or people with inconvenient mobility. In 2003, the British electric iron and gasoline-powered scooters were set to It is not legal to drive a vehicle on the road. In law, such vehicles are characterized as small-sized vehicles. Therefore, if a scooter is used in a public place, if the driving regulations, license tax, wearing a qualified helmet, etc. are not fulfilled, the court will Cycling is heavily penalized, while electric bicycles are generally considered to be general bicycles that do not require the above qualifications, but the rider must be at least 14 years of age. On the English roads, old-age bicycles are generally seen on the bicycle lanes. Usually, there are steps, and there are ramps for them to travel. In addition to roads, supermarkets, shopping malls and other public places, it will be convenient for them to travel.

Similar to the UK, Australian electric bikes are also very rare. However, Hu Fang, who has lived and worked in Australia for many years, said that although the number is small, Australia has detailed regulations on the power of electric bicycles and the tools they are equipped to ride.

Hu Fang: In Australia, due to the sparsely populated area, it takes ten to several tens of kilometers from one place to another. For example, now I am about 4 kilometers from my home to the nearest convenience store, and about 25 places to work. About a kilometer, so many places have to rely on cars, electric bicycles are difficult to spread in Australia, only to play in some downtown areas can be seen, because the number of electric bicycles is not much, so the Australian government for this type of vehicles The control is very wide, as long as the output power does not exceed 200 watts, the user can register without going directly. On the contrary, if the power exceeds this limit, the user must register according to the motorcycle, and also need to take the driving of the motorcycle. A license can drive. Although not exempt from registration, the driver must follow the same traffic rules for bicycle users while driving. For example, when riding, you must wear a helmet. When driving at night, you must install a signal light and clothing wearing reflective strips. If you violate it, you will face a fine of 200 yuan or more.

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