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Is Citycoco Legal in European Countries

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Is Citycoco Legal in European Countries

Is My Citycoco Legal

Citycoco is a Harley style electric scooter with unique shape and strong performance, which is becoming more and more popular. Many buyers will have a question before placing an order, is Citycoco legal in my country? Can it ride on the road?

Different countries in Europe have different regulations for citycoco. So you need to comply with these regulations to make it legal to ride a city coco scooter

We checked the regulations of some European countries on whether citycoco Harley scooters can legally ride on the road.

Citycoco in Germany

In Germany, scooters with speeds exceeding 20 km/h require a driver’s license. And the owner must be at least 15 years old. The driving license is mandatory.

According to stVZO regulations, the scooter must be equipped with necessary lighting equipment. A helmet is required when riding.

On the sidewalk, the riding speed is not allowed to exceed 6km/h.

At the time of registration, you do not need any other proof to obtain insurance and license plate number except for the COC. The license plate will allow the authorities to easily identify vehicle owners and insurance companies.

Citycoco in France

In France, the law of Citycoco scooters depends on its speed. When buying this electric scooter, you need to choose different speed versions according to your needs


Max speed ≤ 25km/h:


In this situation, your citycoco scooter does not need to be registered. You can ride the city coco scooter on public roads in accordance with Article R412-35 of the Highway Law.


In terms of bicycle lanes, as long as the speed does not exceed 25km/h, you can also cruise on it.


As for the sidewalk, you need to obey the general traffic rules. Attention to traffic lights and pedestrians, the speed cannot exceed 6km/h.


Max speed > 25km/h:


In this situation, the registration of Citycoco is mandatory. The deadline for registration is 1 month after you purchase the scooter, and you must apply with COC and CNIT certification. The procedure is as follows:

1. Apply for certification approval to the Ministry of Transport, issued by UTAC.

2. Apply for a "gray card" (vehicle registration document) from the prefecture.

3. Get your license plate.


Warning: In order to be able to ride on public roads, you must be at least 14 years old to obtain a driver's license.


In addition, there is demand for citycoco scooters:

Your vehicle must be equipped with helmets, turn signals, mirrors, and reflectors (front white, side orange, rear red). The insurance of the scooter is mandatory, and the vehicle itself should have a serial number engraved on the non-detachable part of the frame.

Citycoco in UK

In UK, City coco electric scooter is illegal to ride on public road, sidewalks, and bike lane.

But citycoco has most of the features of motorcycles (turn lights, front and rear lights, horns, rearview mirrors, etc.), we recommend you contact the local transportation department to confirm whether it can be registered.

It is recommended to pay attention to protection when riding, wear a helmet, and maintain the speed below 15 mph

Citycoco in Sweden

In Sweden, such scooters must have a driver’s license and traffic insurance. Citycoco motor power greater than 1000W requires a license plate number.

Citycoco in Denmark

For scooters with speeds exceeding 30 km/h, a driver’s license and insurance are mandatory. Without a license and insurance, you will face a huge fine from the police.

Citycoco in Switzerland

If your city coco scooter has a maximum speed of less than 25km/h, you can ride legally on the road.

Citycoco in other European Countries

In other European countries, each region has different regulations on whether citycoco needs to be registered. For example, in Austria, if the speed is less than 25km, the citycoco is street legal.

If you are not sure whether city coco scooters can legally ride in your country, it is recommended that you contact the local transportation bureau to confirm before buying

What is a COC Certificate

In some European countries, if citycoco needs to be registered, the COC certificate must be provided. Usually this certificate is provided by the vendors. If the citycoco scooter you purchased does not provide the COC certificate, then you will not be able to register through the vehicle.

About Gaeacycle

Gaeacycle offers you the citycoco road-approved electric scooter with a 1500/2000/3000 watt motor with removable 20/30/40ah battery for a range of 45/60/100km.

Coc Certificate of Citcoco Scooter

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