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Newest EEC citycoco chopper scooter

Views: 586     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-02      Origin: Site

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Newest EEC citycoco chopper scooter

Now we have a newest EEC citycoco chooper scooter and start mass production.

Frame: the frame material of model Gaea-M8 is aluminum alloy, compared with other electric scooters' steel tube frames, this overall frame structure is lighter.

Motor: we use 1500w/2000w/3000w QS brushless motor(One of the best motors in China) to offer riding power. Larger motor and larger torque can provide stronger power and faster speed.

Battery: 20ah/30ah battery in the middle of the frame can be more convenient to remove and change, and this time we added the option of 30ah battery which running longer range.

Brake Tyre: we use front and rear hydraulic disc brake, with better braking performance and heat dissipation.

Charging: using 5A fast charging charger(aluminum case), can be quickly charged in 4-6 hours to save more charging time.

Now we have got the EEC and COC certificate of this model, it's legal on the road and can be registered in Europe.


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